Take Your Own Headshot and Have Me Retouch It:

Step 1: Use your iphone or a camera on ideally on a tri-pod.

If possible have another person take the photo for you so your arm is not extending out of the frame

Step 2: Position yourself in a shaded area. Ideally a doorway or window. The light from outside should be creating a nice soft light through the frame. Make sure background is neutral and not the same color as your hair.

Step 3: No mugshots! Turn your shoulders at an angle to the camera and ideally have your face on a slight angle where only one ear is visible.

In general people's "good side" is the side your hair parts on, that you have best posture and you smile the largest.

Step 4: Have good posture -no slumped shoulders

Step 5: Crop the frame so there is not a large amount of space above your head or below chest.

Step 6: Take multiple shots: small laughs and smiles.Also some mouth closed smiles as well.

Step 7: Send me high resolution images -PLEASE no low resolution blurry photos.

This is a temporary substitute for professional headshots:
I have a library of professional blurred backgrounds and photoshop skills to edit you out and drop you into a background.
Any more questions I can give you professional advice on how to take the best possible shot: lighting, angles and resolution


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