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My rates are dependent on complexity of lighting and retouching as well as volume.

Do you need Professional Commercial Photography that is representative of the Quality of your Product?

Many people look online for product photography tips and DIY tutorials on product photography lighting and equipment. By all means try this but unfortunately once they have wasted time & money trying to capture what they see -the results are rarely acceptable.

It is hard to ask customers to spend their money based on subpar amateur photos with dull lighting and little-to-no post production.

Taking good product photos requires the right lighting and equipment as well as the technical know-how and experience to capture an image that will sell.

I was trained at Brooks Institute of Photography (1998) where there were exacting standards for product photography. I was taught how to work with reflections (for example with sunglasses, jewelry and electronics products), angles (key for product photography for websites and ecommerce) and product lighting to highlight what the viewer should focus on.

I have worked full-time professionally as a commercial photographer ever since. I have the technical know-how that will save you valuable time.

Post-Production and Retouching is very important in Product Photography. Often the items have scratches, wrinkles and imperfections. These need to be retouched and lighting needs to be fine-tuned and optimised for the internet.

I have a lot of experience with retouching and have used Photoshop since version 3 back in the late 90s! The retouching is included within my pricing for Product Photography.

You need an Experienced Product Photographer

For the last 18 years I have done product photography for clothing companies and industrial product photography for large manufacturing companies as well as major commercial product photography for the boxes for Vizio TV and McKenna Yachts to working with top stylists to photograph apparel for national mail-order catalogs.

How The PhotoShoot Works.

We will do the photoshoot in studio. I will photograph the items and show you the results on a computer as we go. After the shoot I will have you pick the angles you want and then will retouch the shots. The retouching usually takes a day depending on the complexity. The shots will be emailed to you high resolution after full payment is received.


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