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Jason Wallis -Specializing in Fashion Portraits and Headshots in Orange County

I photograph editorial portraits for magazines of celebrities and also personal portraits for business people, actors and models. If you are simply interested in a fashion portrait shoot for yourself contact me anytime for an estimate. I have a photo studio in Irvine we can photograph at and am available to shoot on location anywhere in Orange County.

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How to set up a Portrait Session

The main difference between a head shot and a portrait, is that a head shot is usually cropped shoulders-up with straightforward lighting and a blurred background. A headshot is generally for a website bio/email icon or LinkedIn photo. It is a formal representation of a person for use in a professional setting to quickly identify someone.

A portrait is something much more personal. The options are limitless. Closeups, 3/4 lengths, full body shots, in studio or on location where the setting may be important to the story of the portrait. Expressions can really show any kind of emotion and subject may not even be looking at the camera.

It may be less formal and more creative – telling a story or illuminating who the subject is. It can be head and shoulders, or it could be from the waist up or even show full length. Headshots tend to be pretty standard, a portrait allows for artistic license – for example, dramatic lighting or props could be used to tell a story about the person.

A portrait tells you something about the person's vibe and their occupation  - or the personality of the person in the picture.

Portraits are more complex and often involve multiple angles and often are shot on location.

I have photographed portraits and model portfolios for magazines for well over a decade and that has led to private commissions for models and for anybody who wants great photos of themselves. I have a simple approach to your portrait session: I will talk to you about what you are looking for (studio/outdoors? Fashion/Candid? Lifestyle?) and then we will set a time and date. I will recommend locations I like and best times to shoot. The photo session usually takes 2-4 hours depending on your wants. After the photoshoot I will create a web gallery for you and you can choose your favorites which I will then retouch.

Call or email me to discuss your needs and I will give you a no-obligation estimate



My experience shooting with Jason Wallis was a great one! He is extremely professional and yet still makes you feel comfortable although not a professional model. You know he knows what he's talking about when you see your pictures come out brilliantly! He picks awesome venues and knows how to incorporate you into it so well. I absolutely needed to have way more than just a handful of them retouched for head shots since I loved so many of them! Sweet and genuine person; highly recommend! -Clarice (Yelp)

I had actually signed up with a different photographer but after hearing numerous great things about Jason from other friends of mine who he had worked with I opted to change directions and go with him instead. I am so happy I did! For someone who isn't used to being in front of a camera Jason did an amazing job of making me feel completely at ease. His directions were clear and easy. He was extremely professional yet warm. My photos turned out unbelievably well which is really only a testament to the great work he does! -Lauren (Yelp)

I have worked with Jason for over 12 years now, and I would still choose him as my number one photographer for ANY project. His fashion photography is outstanding! He can turn the most boring, flat, plain subject into an amazing photograph. As an Art Director, there is no one I'd rather have working on my magazine or shooting my covers. He's easy to work with, calm, and I always feel like my vision is what he's working towards. He has the creative ability to see what no one else does and make amazing photos! -Stacy (former Orange Coast magazine Art Director -Google Reviews)

I went to Jason Wallis to take photos for my new CD, and they ended up being the best part of my project! I'm SO happy with the pictures. Since I am not a model, I was a little apprehensive over how good of a subject I'd be, but my fears were unfounded. All I had to do was listen to Jason - he knows how to put people at ease, and how to get the very best shot. My friends went nuts over my proofs, and remarked how Jason captured the "true" me. Jason also knows great makeup artists, so you can trust him for a good referral. He will also provide honest input & feedback on your outfit choices. Seriously .. you don't have to worry about anything because Jason knows exactly what to do. His level of professionalism, and the quality of his work, have resulted in photos that I'm excited to use for my album, website, press, etc. Can't wait to do it again! I bet we'd all have a much better day if we saw ourselves the way Jason's camera does! :o) (Google Reviews)