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Wallis Photography  Corporate Photography Orange County

Wallis Photo offers corporate photography services in Orange County and Los Angeles (949) 307-3833.

What is corporate photography?

Basically corporate photography is business and advertising photography for corporations. Corporate Photography is made up of several specialties.:

1.) Business or executive portraits or "headshots".

2.) "Advertorials" -advertising/commercial photography styled to look like "editorial photography". Editorial photography implies non-commercial photography for articles/magazines. Basically, photography that would accompany an article. In a nutshell, it means creative-business-photography designed to catch the readers attention.

3.) Advertising Photography. Businesses need advertising along with staff photos. I have a lot of experience in advertising world with campaigns, fashion and catalog which I draw from for Corporate Advertising Photography. This page is an example of Corporate Advertising Photography and Advertorial Photography

What's the big deal with Corporate Headshots? I'll answer that with two real-life examples:

I have a large law firm I photograph for with over 1000 attorneys. The marketing manager told me that after analyzing the website impressions that people spend the most time looking at the attorney's bio pages along with the portraits.

At a large Hospital Group I shoot for I had a Doctor tell me that a patient had chosen her "based on her photo". The patient liked her look. Silly? Perhaps but why take the risk?



We have used Jason Wallis for advertising photos for our law firm for several years now. He is excellent technically, but also has a good idea for atmosphere and arrangment. He is very easy to work with--always goes the extra mile with additional poses, etc., and is willing to try new things. We highly recommend him (Google Reviews)

I have been in PR and marketing for 25 years. Jason is a great talent. He makes every shoot productive and really brings out be best in whoever or whatever he is shooting. A rare find. Paul (Google Reviews)

Very crisp and thoughtful shots... you have a way of bringing out more personality and you have creative ideas that make the photos more interesting (Response Magazine Art Director)

As editor for a number of health publications, I must say - Jason Wallis is the best. He's our number 1 photographer - our go-to-guy when photos are a must. Thanks for the great cover shots Jason. (OC Health Art Director)